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Eddie Mosler was born in Quito – Ecuador on January 17, 1975. At the young age of five, he begins to make his first sketches and is presented in a contest held by one of the leading newspapers in the city of Quito, where he wins the first place. With the passage of time, he begins to develop a great interest, especially for the ink pen, and at the age of eleven he participates in an exhibition held by the Ecuadorian House of Culture, obtaining again the
first prize.

In 1992, he moves to the city of Guayaquil where he awakens curiosity about color and about everything that goes beyond what we can see in the physical or three-dimensional plane. His interest and perseverance led him to train himself through an original structuring, guided only by the connection he was developing with each of his artworks.

Eddie Mosler calls himself a self-taught painter, because of his unique and original self-formation and vision, which led him to distinguish himself in exhibitions in Ecuador, America and Europe. All of his collections have been acclaimed, these being: Infinite Harmony, Astral Perception, Cosmic Contemplation, Expansion of the Light, and Dimensional Conscience.


Mosler’s artworks are often composed of oil color, acrylic, fire and glitter; in them, each color and geometric shape has its own meaning, vibration, and intensity of light. It is precisely the geniality in the fusion of all these components that allows the observer to enter into a vibrational and multi frequential harmony with the artist’s artwork, providing a sense of direct liaison with the magic of the

During the last five years, the artist has dedicated to do numerous Ayahuasca Ceremonies, in which he has discovered the particular influence of what the use of color and the luminous intensity has on the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, so through his paintings he has created a particular and unique form of chromotherapy.

Looking at one Mosler’s paintings bring us to a state of contemplation and profound meditation, thus providing us, a dimensional portal to help us expand our state of consciousness in order to observe with a new perspective what happens in our lives, in the planet, and in the universe; each of his artworks would seem to work as a receptor of the energy of the cosmos that projects us to the possibility of integrating ourselves to different and infinite dimensions, making us aware that we are spiritual and multidimensional beings living an earthly experience.

¿What is the Ayahuasca?

The ayahuasca is so the excellent potion of the Amazon world and nexus of union between diverse cultures that have jointly the individual consumption or in group of the drink with diverse objectives, which they include from the curative thing to what it has a spiritual character or of personal revelation.


It is a substance of usefulness in certain therapeutic approximations and of self-knowledge that is being studied since a while by doctors, anthropologists, pharmacologists, psychologists and psychiatrists around the world as a tool for several problems, with special relevancy in helping people to break with the processes and harmful habits for themselves and others. In fact, its use in treatments of detoxification and addictions is a fact in countries as Brazil and Peru being formed as one of the most top treatments for the drug dependence.


The ayahuasca can be an effective therapy in the area of the psychiatry and the psychology in the treatment of the depression and the anxiety as well as the problems of personality and the schizophrenia. His complex pharmacology, very related to the existing synergy between diverse alkaloids, at the time that the scanty toxicity demonstrated by the diverse and already numerous scientific studies that are elaborating, is one of the most relevant aspects of this prepared vegetable.

Investigators of modern medicine like the doctor Rick Strassman M.D. have studied in depth the form and mechanisms of action of the active alkaloids of the ayahuasca and his connections with the cosmovision and religiousness of the people of this tradition and other cultures of the world as the Egyptian, considering the nexus to be indispensable with the physiological experience and the spiritual experience that exists in the states that ayahuasca provokes and its active visionary alkaloid.


The ayahuasca also has been declared cultural heritage of Peru and Brazil in order to offer major protection to the drink, to the rites and to the culture associated with its use. The use of the ayahuasca in countries like Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and The United States of America is protected legally by the recognition of its traditional and religious uses in the own legal framework of the rights of the native tribal groups.

Information extracted from  Wikipedia.

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