Past Events

Expansion of the Light
Eddie Mosler

“Expansion of the Light” is born as a tribute to the luminosity that aims to transmit
through that frequency through my works and illuminate the conscience as
to expand the light.

Exhibitions in:

Ecuador and Colombia

Cosmic Contemplation
Eddie Mosler

This Collection incorporates the pentagon and heptagon shapes, which allow a deeper liaison.

Exhibitions in:

Ecuador only

Astral Perception
Eddie Mosler

The collection was born since my encounter with the sacred and medicinal plant of the amazon rainforest called “Ayahuasca" that allows him it led me to broadly catch sight of the concept, the use, and the function of color in an artwork.


Ecuador only.

Infinite Harmony
Eddie Mosler

First Artist´s Collection, it lasted ten years. His inspiration emerges from the attraction for the magic of existence and creation.

Exhibitions in:

Ecuador, Panama, United States of America, Spain and England.

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