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Eddie Mosler

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Since I was a child I felt great attraction for the magic of existence and creation, this let me break into the world of “Art”. From that point, I decided to open my own gallery that would allow me to become part of that environment. I started exhibiting artwork from other artists, what led me to appreciate and develop my love for art. Since then, I decided to reflect my thoughts and ideas into artwork painted by myself, to be exhibited in my gallery.

Since I did not have a definite style, I decided to explore abstract art with the combination of color and the flexibility of oil color, but my curiosity led me farther. I began to offer originality, mi inspiration was initially focused on deciphering the mystery behind the origin of color; so, I decided to balance the creation of tones and play with the infinite ranges of colors.

In this collection, I incorporate in my work the preparation of the canvas for the frames that I would use to paint and break including into my artwork the geometric shape of the circle, as an interpretation of the beginning of my artistic career; elements that would give a deeper value to my work and a closer connection with whom admires my artwork.

Since the first contact I had with color, I felt fascinated because in my mind there was only the desire to paint and paint. Since then, my state of mind changed, my desire to live in plenitude grew and my daily life became harmonious, because I desired it to be infinite. For that reason, I decided to name my birth as an artist “Infinite Harmony”.

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