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As part of the advancement of the human being, this collection reflects a broader understanding of what the different states of consciousness and dimensions mean; at a higher level of programming of the astral ascension structure, we can recognize
the soul as the divine molecule of God in the human being. 

From the perspective of the geometric shapes in which the artworks are captured, it is possible to a dimension from the different ones that exist. Upon reaching this level, I incorporated the pentadecagon and heptadecagon polygons and their relationship with silver and gold, where silver connects with the feminine creation and gold with the male creation, respectively. This collection reaffirms the connection offered by Ayahuasca with the states of consciousness and the recognition of multiple
dimensions, allowing the birth of “Dimensional Conscience”.

With the use of glitter and the harmony of odd polygons, I project in a more penetrating and profound way, the fusion of the colors of the seven rays and those of creation in order to give light, expand consciousness, and open dimensions, which
results in a transiting in the luminous astral plane.

This is how, from the application of the circle to the tridecagon, the seven cosmic rays re represented; the pentadecagon relates in a way to the mother of creation, while the father is represented in a heptadecagon.

Nonetheless, in this collection I have not neglected the visionary interpretation of the dimensions shown in rectangles and squares, suggesting a thermometer of the evolving ascent of the being, intimately connected with the human and earthen side
Irradiated knowledge is the effect of acquired learning during the Sacred Ayahuasca Ceremonies, in order to transmite teachings to expand consciousness and achieve a physical, mental and emotional integration that opens the possibility for human beings to connect with their soul, to wonder and be fascinated with the light of the astral world.

This collection marks a difference to my previous ones, since within the works I have exhibited, I sought to maximize strength of colors, painting during various sacred ceremonies imprint on them the original interpretation of the portrait of the soul in the multidimensional universe, and at the same time, to improve to capacity of response towards chromotherapy.

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