Original & Revealing

The artwork has a mission...


And that mission can be, for example, the connection with something more global, more revealing and superior; "It is important - states the Ecuadorian artist Eddie Mosler (Quito, 1975) - that one can explore and be one's own master; it is right there where the originality and the cosmic connection are born ". And his status as a self-taught artist is an explanation of that affirmation; for Mosler everything, in reality, is inside. So, the artist, feeling part of something more global and greater, recognizes using the universe as his inspiration. This interesting projection, besides a good accumulation of intentions, can suppose an interesting and remarkable point of departure. And his personal proposal appears created with the code of a stimulating abstract language.


The case of Eddie Mosler confirms, on the other hand, the stimulus that many times can be supposed by the prizes and recognitions that he began to harvest since he was a child, and in a self-taught way until today: there is the beginning of a carreer of painter that talks about connections, of the value of contemplation and of revelation and of conscience, among other concepts and values.


The mastery lies inside, and also, even, magic. And Mosler himself claims to feel as a mere instrument, a mere catalyst or mediator of those energies. His work in mixed technique: oil, acrylic, fire and glitter, tells us about artworks that aim to give shape to the eternal present. His abstraction also tells us about a constant fusion of components to become nothing less than a receptor of the Universe. An abstraction that gets to drag us through its undeniable and enigmatic rhythm. In his artworks appear clouds magmas, undefined forms that seem full of coherence and life; in his canvases something seems to be alive. The artist desires, also, to reinforce the concept of healing that art entails in itself; a concept that, by the way, we tend to overlook.


To be original and also revealing...


In that physical or three-dimensional plane, the artist does not seem to pursue beauty or aesthetics as we normally perceive it or understand it, and yes, better as a philosophy that holds on to the aesthetics as atmospheres in ultimate creation and shapes an artwork that offers a suggestive proposal of comprehension and order. His abstracts compose that eternal present and an artwork that seems to manifest itself in real time, as if it were not already filtered but created. Undoubtfully, in his case, that beautiful and interesting idea of the eternal present stands out in some way as a concept – asides from original - fully revealing. Maybe matter and time can be the same? Maybe.



In Mosler's artwork, the revealing consists in taking out the depth, everything that lies inside. What, in reality, has always been there. And that, even if it is not shown, continues to be and to act.


In his artworks the treatment of color is a clearly important element in itself, and in them also appear all sorts of traces, free structures and shapes that seem to fall like magical cascades of light that, also in reality, respond to something predetermined and with enough strength as if something were alive and acting; something moves and suggests being shown at an almost microscopic or cellular level. As a revelation of shapes that seem autonomous, as with life on their own instead of painted, and in which one could lose oneself and meet oneself... this is how the viewer of the painting can perceive it and analyze canvas by canvas the nature, the message and the depth of each impact that the artwork offers to the viewer. The Ecuadorian artist seems to achieve a beauty that is both pursuit and discovery at the same time. Without a doubt, his approach is perfectly original.


In addition to his native country, Ecuador, Eddie Mosler has exhibited his pictorial work - since 1998 - in countries such as Panama, Spain, the United States and Colombia.



Margarita Iglesias

Journalist and Art Commentator

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