Astral Reflection
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Eddie Mosler

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This collection was born since my encounter with the sacred and medicinal plant of the amazon rainforest called “Ayahuasca”. This natural medicine worked on my inner self and helped me to have more clarity to understand my work as an artist and, through this, be able to transmit through my artworks, my perception and personal understanding about the astral plane, and about that everything is composed by energy; starting from questioning myself what..? and why…? of  the different events of our lives, this made me comprehend that there is always a reason why everything, for which it can be integrated during the process of a sacred Ayahuasca Ceremony. From this experience emerged the collection “Astral Perception”.

As shown above, it led me to broadly catch sight of the concept, the use, and the function of color in an artwork. Starting from this, I focus the use of colors in the seven rays of the universe, which merged with the artworks develop a chromatic magic, which allows a more perceptive discernment of the dimensions and the way that the vibration of the astral world works.

As part of the collection I incorporated the triangles, as a result of the research that I did about the enigma associated with pyramids and their connection with the astral world.

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