To consolidate himself as an internationally established plastic artist, creating artwork differentiated by its grade of energetic vibration, color management and structure, based on the originality of his artwork, the passion and patience involved in his creations, always compromised in providing quality, constancy and the maximum artistic expression.


To impulse a new artistic high-quality universal tendency by generating
artwork that reflects dedication, creativity and innovation, with autonomy to the current segments, assuring the recognition of this new aesthetic line.



  • Originality: I believe that originality is the fundamental base of artistic evolution.

  • Patience: I recognise patience as the capacity to manifest stability in his artwork.

  • Passion: I value passion as the major engine for inspiration.


  • Universality: I conceive universality as the essence of the artwork.

  • Dedication: I consider that dedication is the source of pictorial excellence.

  • Quality: I value quality as a main focus of respect to the spectators retina.

  • Creativity: I understand creativity as the essential vehicle of artistic fluency.

  • Autonomy: I understand autonomy as the potential to create with freedom.

  • Innovation: I believe that innovation is the basic liaison for creative evolution.





-Ecuadorian Artist


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